Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day and Chocolate Pie

My Kids are so great! This year for Mother's Day, they have given me the kind of gifts I absolutely adore.

Don't get me wrong; I love getting all kinds of gifts. When someone thinks enough of me to present me with a token of their affection, large or small, it always makes me feel special. But for me, one of the greatest expressions of someone's love is the gift of time. My life is so hectic. Time is one of the things I never seem to have enough of, and I bet all you writers out there who work by day and write by night can relate to a shortage of time. So when someone spends their time to make me something, it just makes my heart sing.

And today, my heart is singing a very happy tune. Loudly.

I can't share all my totally awesome gifts with you (breakfast in bed and a spotlessly clean house), but there is one I can spread around.

This year, my first grader presented me with a cookbook entitled "Recipes for Mom", and I know all you mothers out there will appreciate it as much as I do. It is a humorous reminder that our children do pay attention to what we do (at least a little bit). Below is the recipe my daughter, Leo Conner, added to the book.

Chocolate Pie

Sometimes we make chocolate pie.
We get those round things.
Get pans. Get the dough.
Mom makes it. You can make it.
I don't know how but you just do it.
She puts the dough then she puts the chocolate in the pan.
Then she cooks it. Probably like, I don't know how long.
Then she puts the whipped creme that is supposed to be little poked things.
Then you put the cherries beside it.
My mom just does it this way because she likes it.
You can put the cherries any way you want to.

My thanks go out to Mrs. Powers for coming up with this wonderful idea and for taking the time to bring it all together. If anyone would like to see more of the recipes in the book, let me know.

What totally awesome gifts have you received this year?

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