Thursday, May 26, 2011

Graduating Seniors Out There...This One's For You!

I have always appreciated a good story, and since reading my first Laura Ingalls Wilder book in the third grade, I have dreamed of becoming a writer. Poetry, however, never quite held the same appeal for me as a cleverly weaved tale. But during my teenage years, when hormones spiked my blood like gin in a good martini, I found myself in need of an outlet. Since illegal vices, such as tagging at the local Wal-mart or dipping into my parents liquor cabinet, wasn’t quite my style, my weapon of choice was a pen.

On the cusp of my high school graduation, when I was about to go off to college and give my wings their first independent flap, I found myself cycling through a torrent of emotion so strong that it almost gave me whiplash. Knowing I was about to leave behind the only structure I’d ever known, about to be ejected from my seat as class president, editor of the school newspaper, and captain of the basketball team, there were days I literally wanted to cry. Other days, I found myself riding a tsunami wave of euphoria. My hard work had landed me a full academic scholarship, my best friend was going to be my roommate, and I would be the only person I had to consult about any decision I faced. What else could any teenager ask for?

So for all you seniors out there who are about to climb on that roller coaster and ride into the future, I decided to repost a poem I wrote before my high school graduation. And for any of you out there struggling with confidence, as I so often did, I am including a poem I wrote when I felt I was at my lowest. Reading it always makes me feel better. Both pieces were published in Weathered Reflections, Volume II, 1987-88 Edition.


Then a beautiful sound,
now screams abound.
Past pleasures to live by
cause the soul to cry.
First, anticipation,
second, desperation.
Touching on light of tomorrow,
tripping on past days of sorrow.
Moving ahead faster,
hoping to avoid disaster.
Praying everyday,
wanting the memories to stay.
For when they are gone,
the future is all alone.


My moral spirit is low,
and my confidence is on the go.
If only my simple smile
could thrill you for just a little while.
I wonder if you know,
because you don’t let it show,
that just your casual glance
makes me want to dance?
But when my confidence is gone,
and I’m all alone,
I must go on.
Yes, I must go on,
because I know someday I’ll find
someone to be by my side.
Someone to say
he loves me everyday.
I still hope you are that someone,
but if you’re not, it’s okay.
Because I am me.
It may be hard to see,
but it’s easy to say.
Yes, I am beautiful
in my own way.

My wish for all you beautiful grads out there? Hang on to the memories! Be happy! And remember, the future will be whatever you make of it!



  1. Graduation seems a hundred years ago. Good post.

    By the way, my Vicki loved the Laura Ingalls books.

  2. I just know I would love your Vicki. I bet we would have plenty to talk about. :) Maybe someday we will meet up at a conference.