Thursday, April 14, 2011

You Are What You Read

I've always heard you are what you read. So...what does that make me?

I'm the type person who can't be idle. No, I'm not talking physically. I can sit still, well...fairly still, for as long as I have to. But my brain? NO WAY. It's going full speed 24/7. (Yes, this does make sleeping difficult, but the up side? When I finally do crash, I have dreams that people would pay good money to see.)

T.V.? Out of the question...unless I also have the latest Diana Palmer paperback in my lap to keep my brainwaves up to speed.

Driving? For most people, there's road signs, advertisements, and bumper stickers...but for me, if the checkbook is balanced, Nora Roberts is looking pretty good.

Waiting rooms? Most would be satisfied with checking out the weird shoes on the person next to them, or take a chance that the magazine on the table was printed sometime after 1999. Me? Fully prepared with the second book in the latest Brenda Novak trilogy should I be anywhere near the end of the first.

Eating? The newspaper or the back of the cereal box will do in a pinch, but, my preference? Fork in one hand and Linda Lael Miller's latest in the other.

So...I guess that makes me a combination of....useless information...and emotional diarrhea.

Oh, well. At least I'm a HAPPY combination of useless information and emotional diarrhea!
So tell me, if you are what you read, what does that make you?

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