Monday, April 18, 2011

Ten Reasons Agents May Reject Your Query Letter

1. typo's, misspellings, grammar, and punctuation.
2. lacks basic information such as what your book is about, who you are, word count, why you queried them as oppose to others, etc.
3. contains irrelevant information such as education, job, hobbies, travels, family pet, what you had for lunch, etc.
4. fails to state genre (romance, mystery, children's, etc.).
5. fails to differenciate your book from other similar books.
6. fails to show how your book is similar to other books.
7. fails to identify basic character goals and conflict.
8. is too flat in tone--query tone should match book tone.
9. lacks creativity, or fails to excite.
10. reads like an advertisement.
Remember: A query should have a respectful nature (Dear Ms. Agent). It should not be longer than one page. And resist, resist, resist including your rejection history.
Happy Querying!!

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