Thursday, April 14, 2011

Is It Worth It?

I was reading Michael Hyatt's Blog entitled "Three Reasons Every Author Must Develop Their Own Platform" and, for a moment, it made me question my sanity.

Did you know there were more than 1 million books published in 2009? (According to Bowker, the service that assigns ISBN numbers to books) 2010 numbers, yet to be released, are expected to be higher.

Then Hyatt goes on to point out that not only is there an increase in books available, but also with other media: movies, tv channels, radio stations, etc. In other words, there is ALOT of competition for potential reader attention.

So I asked myself, as a single grain of sand on the endless beach of book choices, is writing worth this much of my time? Work by day, write by night--even when I should be sleeping. Proof read on my lunch break--ignore that mustard stain! Tote a notebook with me EVERYWHERE because I never know where my next idea might come from--yes, make a faux pas and you might see a version of it in my written words. Read the latest best seller on the drive home--oops, did I just admit that? Create a social network that requires more knowledge than I possess and more time when I should be writing. Research a topic for hours so I can write two knowledgeable sentences about the subject. Search for agents and publishers, then search some more...whew!!!

I said all that, to say this...

Thanks to all my wonderful friends who have read for me (you know who you are and I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart) and supplied me with ample support, praise, and constructive criticism, I already feel successful. While I would never turn away fame and fortune (who would?), my first goal has always been to entertain. I love to hear that something I wrote made someone laugh or cry. I love to hear "I couldn't put it down". ( Thanks Amy) I love it when I can make you concerned enough about my characters for you to say, "Don't mess with Pat". (Thanks Mary C) And I love to hear "I want to know what happens between Sam and J.J.". (Sorry, Pam, that's book two in the trilogy).

Even if "The Third Time" is never read again, it has all been worth it!

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