Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ever Play The "What If" Game?

Ever play the "what if" game?

What if I woke up tomorrow and discovered my best friend had posted my darkest secret on her Facebook page? Yikes!
What if the hunkiest guy in the world walked past me with his nose in the air, and despite trying really, really hard, I lost the battle with my self-control, and stuck my foot out just in time to topple him? What if his prosthesis slipped off and he flailed around on the cement until he found his cell phone and called his brother for help, his brother who had to leave his best friend's funeral, in a wheelchair, to help him up? (Um, did I do that?)

What if I won the lottery?  What if the owner of the store where I bought the ticket called to congratulate me and fell madly in love with me, offering me his hand in marriage? What if I had a last fling with the stripper at my bachelorette party, only to discover a week later he's my new brother-in-law? What if one month later I find out I'm pregnant? (oops)

What if I gave birth to a warewolf? (miraculous conception, of course)

What if I gave birth to Edward's son (no miraculous conception here!). What if he grew up to help me remind his sister everyday that their mother had the hots for his father? (BRAHAHAHAHA)

If you ever find youself bore, lost in the direction your heading, give this game a try. I can't gaurantee it will lead to the next best seller, but I can gaurantee, that if you do it right, you'll have a little fun.

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